Tame The Flame Review

Putting out a fire used to consistent of lettering it burn out for hours or finding a large amount of water to douse the fire, not anymore. Now you can put your fire out easily and safely with Tame The Flame. These fireproof covers slide over the top of your current fire pit to snuff the fire out. Let’s get fired up to put the fire out with the Tame The Flame Review.

Tame The Flame Features

-Handles heat up to 2,000 F

-Various sizes for your fire pit

-Water Resistant, fireproof fabric

-Helps Stop Wildfires

-Improves child safety for fewer burns

What Did We Think?

Those that know me, know I love a good roaring fire pit. These fires are amazing, but there are times I’m ready to wrap up the evening and go in, but the fire is still going. Normally, I just let it burn until its embers and then put water on it. When I saw the Tame The Flame I thought I need this and why hasn’t anyone made this before!?

Tame the Flame comes in a variety of sizes to fit many fire pits on the market and we got one to fit our NFL Blue Sky Outdoor Living Patio Fire Pit. This fire pit cover can handle up to 2,000 degrees of warm, cozy fire, so we built a nice fire up to see if the Tame The Flame could, well tame the flame.

Get Tame The Flame ready to use is simple as there is only one piece that you need to insert the 4 prong metal piece in the top of the Tame The Flame (you’ll see the 4 cut outs to slide it into). This piece helps keep water from pooling if you leave it on the fire pit outdoors in the rain.

There are two handles on each side that allow you to easily handle this and make it a one person job. Now, the fire is going, but it’s time to extinguish it. Place the Tame The Flame over the top of your fire pit, with the fire going! You will see smoke start to roll out of the bottom as the air to the fire is being cut off.

They recommend to leave the cover on for 15 minutes to ensure the fire is totally snuffed out. We looked after 60 seconds and smoke billowed out when we pulled the top off and fire, as a whole, was out even after just a minute. We placed the Tame The Flame back on and let it sit on top of the fire pit for another 15 minutes. You can see in the video the amount of smoke that rolls out evertime we pulled the fire cover off. We also had trouble keeping the metal piece in, as it fell out multiple times.

After 2 hours there was still smoke coming out, but I never felt like any fire or embers would ever get out of the Tame The Flame and the cover was only warm to the touch!


PROS: clean looks, easy to use, able to use on roaring fire, variety of sizes for your fire pit.
CONS: lots of smoke when snuffing a roaring fire, its not recommended for any colored fire pits.

Overall, if you’re looking for the easiest and safest way to put out your fire we encourage you to check out Tame The Flame.

Learn more and get your own by visiting TAME THE FLAME.

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Tame The Flame Review Video

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Written By: Luke Lorick 3/7/24

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