Guay Bebida Review

Water downed drinks SUCK!

Hey guys and welcome to our latest blog review of the Guay Bebida gift set. You will need to chill your drinks, but ice is not always the best way. Ice melts and can lead to amazing drink flavors being sacrificed. From Whiskey, Scotch, Beer and more you don’t want to water these hand crafted beverages down. We found the Guay Bebida Ice Bullets that can chill your drink and never leave a water downed flavor.

The Guay Bebida arrives in a beautiful wooden box that is perfect to give as a gift. Heck, the box is so nice I wouldn’t even wrap it up before I gave the gift! When you open the box you will see the items in perfect placement that include the following:

  • 2 Whiskey Diamond Glasses (these will trip you out with how they sit)

  • 6 ice bullets (this is were the magic happens)

  •  2 wooden coasters (nice touch)

  •  1 bullet holder

  •  1 bullet tongs

The presentation is top notch, but how do these ice bullets perform? We froze the six pack of ice bullets and then placed them into one of the diamond whiskey glasses. We poured room temperature Crown Royal Salted Caramel into the glass and let it sit for almost 10 minutes. The temperature was brought down by 30 degrees! In the test we used all six of the ice bullets in the glass to show the maximum impact of these ice bullets. Obviously, using fewer of the bullets will yield different results.

I tested on some new Best Maid Sour Pickle Beer that I picked up at the store and was not as cold as I wanted it. I dropped 3 of the ice bullets into the cup and let it sit a moment and voila the perfect temp for my beer, so I could test this fun new beer out. Beer is one thing you can NEVER put ice into. If you put ice into your beer now you either need these ice bullets ASAP, or you could care less how your drink tastes.

The included Diamond Glasses are really different and are sure to be the talk of your next party! These glasses sit with a lean, so not only does it make you do a double take, but it helps with spills too. Even though the glass looks like its about to fall over and spill it’s not going to. This is where I say yes you can still spill with these cups, but they are designed to help REDUCE spills and come on you don’t want to waste any drink #PartyFoul!

The one thing I will say when drinking with the ice bullets in the cup is that they clang around and do make a little noise when you’re drinking.

Overall, the presentation of the Guay Bebida gift set is top notch. The glasses look amazing and the ice bullets really work. Also how cool is it to chill your drink with a bullet! Remember their motto:

These bullets don’t Kill, they CHILL!

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