Snow Broad Jump Challenge

A new challenge? Well we are always up for one, since its in our name, literally. We created a new challenge that we coin the Snow Broad Jump Challenge.

What is the Snow Broad Jump Challenge?

To partake in this new challenge you just need to find some snow and then its time to get your jump on.

When you find a good pile of snow you will step into the snow and then complete a broad jump as far as you can. The deeper the snow the bigger the challenge.

It’s easy to see who wins as the snow stamps your exact landing location.

What Inspired This New Challenge?

While hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park we came upon deep drifts of snow and jumped into them. As I stood in snow up to my knee level I thought why not see how far I could jump. I knew the snow I was standing in would impact how far I could jump, but that is what added to the challenge.

As we went around our hike we competed in different levels of snow and confirmed that you will get extra points on the challenge the farther the snow goes up your legs. If you do it in waist deep then you are the master of this challenge and we need to see your video.

Speaking of videos see our Snow Broad Jump Challenge video to see how we did on this new challenge. Note the technique used:)

Could this be a future winter Olympics sport? Maybe not, but we still want to see you compete in this new challenge.

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Written By: Luke Lorick 3/9/21

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