The Q Flip Review

The classic game of cornhole is one of my favorite tailgating games, but sometimes it can be a pain to lug the bulky boards out to the game. If it’s raining, or snowing outside then you can forget getting your squad together to go outside and play cornhole. We found the Q Flip game by Cardinal Toys that is a table top version of the classic game, but with a few twists.

The Q Flip game was actually thought up when the owner of Cardinal Toys kept getting scolded by the bartender, when he was playing Quarters on the new bar top. The bartender didn’t want him damaging the new work that they completed and instead of getting upset, or taking his business elsewhere he came up with a new idea: The Q Flip.

The Q Flip is about a foot long and uses a catapult style method to launch the ‘quarter’ towards the hole in the board. You play with similar cornhole rules with 3 points in the hole and 1 point on the board. The other neat part about the game is that the ‘quarter’ is attached to a string, so no worries about losing part of your game. You also don’t have to worry about hitting other people in the bar if your shot is a little wild, you know who you are:).

The Q Flip comes in a variety of styles and they can even do custom work for your wedding, corporate event and more. I could see this becoming a staple in bars and breweries across the nation and getting their brand on the Q Flip makes it a no brainer.

I’ve talked a lot about The Q Flip, but how does it play, Luke? I normally master games like this pretty quickly and then it can become boring, but with the Q Flip it’s not quite as easy as you may think. It is actually pretty challenging to consistently get the ‘quarter’ through the opening. This is where the addiction comes in. You know you can make it, but you miss then you miss again and you HAVE to make it before you can stop playing.

I took this game onto a TV shoot we were doing with a few news anchors and they fell into the addiction, as they thought they could make it on the first try, nope! They tried multiple times and mentioned that if they had The Q Flip they would likely play it far too often.

The Q Flip can be played while you’re Homegating, at the bar, on the tailgate of a pickup truck and really anywhere else you want to go. If you’re ready for a game that will CHALLENGE you and your friends then check out The Q Flip.

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