Tiki Toss Game Review

Whenever I go to the bar and see a Ring Hook game I feel compelled to try it a few times to see if I can get the ring on the hook. Notice that I said when I go to the bar. It seems like the classic Ring Hook game is mostly found in bars, but what if I want to play it at the tailgate? Tiki Toss heard our frustration and came out with a portable Ring Hook game that you can take to the tailgate and Challenge your friends to a friendly game Tiki Toss style.  Below we review the Tiki Toss game to show you why you should add this game to your tailgating checklist.

We got our Tiki Toss, I’ll call it the tailgating edition, in the mail and opened up our package to reveal the wooden football backboard, telescopic pole, ring and string and then the heavy duty suction cups that attach the Tiki Toss to your vehicle.  Everything looks top notch, but my first concern was: Will the suction cups hold up, or will this fall off the tailgate during a crucial part of the game? No worries if that is your concern too, because that is what we are here to do, test things out!

We loaded up and headed to the parking lot to get this Tiki Toss into the proper testing environment. Now it was time to set the Tiki Toss up. Let’s walk through the set:

-Insert each suction cup into the Tiki Toss board.

-Insert the Hook into the board and twist.

-I add a touch of spit to each suction cup and rub it in (been doing that since I was a kid, maybe I’m crazy, but I think it helps). 

-Push each suction cup onto a flat area of your vehicle. Obviously the Tailgate is a great option. Just don’t place it on a curve or it won’t suction as well. 

-Insert the telescoping pole into the hole at the top of the board.

-At the top of the pole you will push down and insert the string through one hole and back through the other. Then let the pressure off the end of the pole to lock the string into place. You can adjust the length of the string here until you find the sweet spot with the game.

-Pull the telescopic pole out and then you are ready to play.

Now you’re all set up. My feedback for first time users is that you may have to make some adjustments to the length you pull the pole out and/or the length of the string. Work with it once you set it up to find the sweet spot and then you’ll be ready to play all day.

Once we had everything dialed in and ready for action it was GAMETIME! It was like I was in my favorite bar playing Ring Hook, but yet I was in a parking lot, with friends, fresh air and the sun shining down. This is so much better than only being able to play in a stuffy bar! The Tiki Toss held up all day, as we continued to try and get the ring on the hook. It is an addicting game and of course at the tailgate you can everyone involved. Even people you may not know could come by and ask to check this game out!

If you enjoy playing Ring Hook inside, then you are going to love taking the Tiki Toss outside and getting your game on.

Learn more and get your own by visiting: https://playtikitoss.com/


*This was a NON paid review. We never take any monetary consideration to give our opinion on a product, because it’s a conflict of interest. Many large brands post reviews that are paid advertisements for products, but not us. Every review you see with my write up about it was done pro bono. Tiki Toss did send us the game to test out. Check out more of our tailgating tips to improve your tailgate HERE

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