2 in 1 Stadium Seat Review

Bleachers are cold, hard and uncomfortable. You’re always pumped to watch the game, but after sitting on bleachers for a few minutes you realize just how much you hate sitting on bleachers. Have no fear we found the 2 in 1 Stadium Seat by Kijaro. This is an extremely comfortable way to sit on bleachers and it has another use that other bleacher seats can’t compete with.

The 2 in 1 Stadium Seat weighs less than 4 pounds and can support up to 300 pounds. There is a large mesh back to help keep you cool. What makes this chair special is the ability to transform from a bleacher seat into a regular chair that can be used on the ground.

The 2 in 1 Stadium Seat has hooks on the bottom that slide under the bottom of the bleacher to hold you in place. The chair sets up in a matter of seconds and also has a pocket on the right side to hold your key/phone. In sitting on the bleacher without the seat and then with this seat, it was night and day. The bleacher alone was hard and had no back support. Once I shifted into the 2 in 1 Stadium Seat I had a softer surface to sit on and some nice back support. It also allows you a small amount of rocking, which I love.

When you are done with the bleachers this seat can then transform into a small chair. It is one of the lowest chairs I’ve seen and at first I was thinking no way will this be comfortable, but I was WRONG! This is actually really comfortable, as you’re able to lean back in it and stretch your legs out. It is very low to the ground , so if you have any mobility issues this may not be the best fit.

Overall, this chair exceeded by initial expectations and I love that it can meet two different needs. I have other stadium seats, but they can only be used on the bleachers, the 2 in 1 Stadium Seat can ensure you have the best seat in the house no matter where the party takes you.

Learn more and get your own by visiting: https://www.kijaro.com/


Written By: Luke Lorick 8/20/20


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