409 Tailgate Club “Tailgate Sauce”

If you are like me then you love to grill and are looking for ways to make the food you grill taste even better. That is the true definition of a grill master…Getting better each time you fire the grill up.

The guys at 409 Tailgate Club sent me their Tailgate Sauce, which is a BBQ sauce, and I’ll just say that everyone that tasted this was IMPRESSED. On first taste, the Tailgate Sauce has a sweet flavor that then goes to tangy and finally a little spicy to finish up the unique blend of flavors your mouth experiences.

When I used the the Tailgate Sauce I got a large pack of chicken thighs and then poured the 409 Tailgate Club Sauce all over the chicken and let the marinating process take place. 8 hours later I fired up the grill and put the chicken on (check the video) and let the sound of the sizzle and the sweet aroma of the Tailgate Sauce fill the air.

When the chicken was grilled to perfection I pulled them off and served to family and friends. The feedback I got was amazing. Some stated it was the best BBQ chicken they ever had, others stated they couldn’t find one thing wrong with the sauce, while I simply said in my head wow I just owned the grill! The reality was that when I took a bite I too was impressed but saddened that the chicken disappeared so fast. Ah well, I will learn that when I cook with 409 Tailgate Club sauce I better make more!

PROS: great flavor, smell, some would say the best BBQ sauce they’ve tasted.

CONS: it can be messy haha. yea I know thats the best CON I can come up with!

Overall, if you love to grill out and love BBQ chicken then its time to get the Tailgate Sauce on the grill!

Check out the 409 Tailgate Club here: 

tailgating 2

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