Aged and Charred Cocktail Smoker Kit Review

Ever been to a fancy cocktail bar and they bring a smoking drink that causes everyone to look in awe? Now you can make these unique drinks at home with a cocktail smoker kit. These kits add unique smoke flavor and the ultimate presentation for your next tailgating party. Let the smoke show begin with the Aged and Charred cocktail smoker kit review.

Aged and Charred Kit Features

-Smoker Lid

-Butane lighter

-3 Smoke Screens


-Wood chips

Steps for Creating Smoked Cocktails

-Pour your drink of choice

-Place smoker lid on top of the cup

-Add wood

-Light up

-Close the top (3-30 seconds)

-Uncover for smoked flavor

What Did We Think?

After the unboxing we quickly poured a drink and followed the above steps to see how easy this Aged and Charred kit was to use. After a few moments we learned it was simple, even for a novice.

We loaded a few pinches of wood into the smoker lid, fired it up and closed the lid. After a few moments we opened the lid and saw the smoke start to swirl off the top of the drink, how cool! There was a hint of the oak smoked flavor in our first sips of this drink. Side note they have a variety of different wood chips (oak, cherry, apple, hickory) our kit came with the oak chips.

I tried adding smoke to beers and different types of cocktails. I found that leaving the smoker lid on longer than the suggested 3 seconds worked better to add the smoke flavor for me. I held the smoke in for around 30 seconds. Smaller, shorter glasses also did better with having more of the smoke flavor throughout the course of enjoying the smokey flavor for the full drink.

My favorite type of drink to add smoke to was a honey infused whiskey. The sweetness of the liquor mixed with the smoke made an epic combination.


PROS: easy to use, fun presentation, adds unique smoked flavor, torch lighter is amazing
CONS: not perfect for all drinks, test to find out those drinks that work best for you

Overall, if you’re looking to impress your guests with unique presentation and add unique smoked wood flavor to your drinks it’s time to get a cocktail smoker kit.

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Written By: Luke Lorick 7/19/23

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