AlcoHAWK breathalyzer review

Tailgating is one of our favorite past times and rightfully so. You get together with amazing people who all come together to pull the team to victory and have fun at the tailgate.  With this fun comes a level of responsibility to ensure that you and those around you make it home safely.  Enter the AlcoHawk! The AlcoHawk is a personal breathalyzer that helps ensure you and your friends have a safe tailgating adventure.

The AlcoHawk is a digital breathalyzer that measures your blood alcohol content within .01% of your actual BAC.  To use the AlcoHawk you power it on, place the plastic mouth guard on, and wait to blow.  This is one of the downsides as it can take up to 90 seconds before you are able to use the breathalyzer.  Once it is warmed up you will blow into the tube for 5 seconds and your blood alcohol content will be digitally displayed.  In addition to the digital reading the screen will light up green (if you are sober), orange (if you have had some to drink but not above the legal limit, or red (past the legal limit to drive).
To get an accurate reading you need to not have eaten, drank, or smoked in the past 20 minutes.  Our trials showed this to be true as someone who just consumed would blow off of the charts and then 20 minutes later the reading would be much lower.
Pros: light weight, portable, fun and easy to use, digital display with LCD colored backlight, accurate when used properly
Cons: The mouth pieces can break if you aren’t careful putting them on, it may take over a minute and a half before the device is warmed up, if you drink/consume food/smoke prior to taking the test it won’t be accurate
Overall, this was the most fun we have had testing a product out. Everyone will want to try it if you bring it out with you.  It is great to have fun with this product, but the hope is that when people see what their BAC is they reconsider driving home.  This product could save your life and others too. The people here have been a pleasure to work with and they truly want everyone to safe, I really believe that.
Order yours today and Stay SAFE!
**Neither Tailgating Challenge or those associated with AlcoHawk condone drinking and driving. Please consume safely.

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