Alcohol Shot Gun Review

Deep in the heart of Texas we take our shots like real Texans, out of a…. GUN? That’s right you too can now take a shot of your favorite spirit out of a gun. Barbuzzo created a gun for those that want to take shots, well like a real SHOT.

The Barbuzzo Alcohol Shot Gun is a novelty item that allows you to put a shot of alcohol into the chamber, cock the hammer, then pull the trigger to shoot a spray of alcohol into your friends mouth. The Barbuzzo gun is a plastic, light-weight gun that is both easy and fun to use.

We got a couple of these guns in to test out and of course in true Texas style we got some cowboy gear on and went out to have an old fashioned duel. The duel was the first time that we had really used these guns, outside of filling it with water once to check out how it would shoot the liquid out. Check the video out below, but when we spun around and each pulled the trigger we quickly learned there will be some alcohol spilt.

There is a strong stream that shoots out when you first pull the trigger and as the pressure diminishes the stream falls short of the mouth of the person you are shooting it into. That’s when the party foul occurs. My tip with this is get closer to your friend after you pull the trigger to reduce the amount of liquid that falls to the ground.

The hammer of the gun is a ball that you pull back until it clicks. Then the gun is hot and there is no safety, so don’t miss your shot! Unfortunately, one balls on the gun broke off after a few uses. I can still use the gun, but its minus this part now.

My takeaways:

-This is a FUN and different way to take a shot

-You will likely spill some alcohol using this item

-This is a novelty product that has its purpose at certain points in your life

If you want an inexpensive and fun way to take a shot when you get around your friends, then check out the Barbuzzo Alcohol Shot Gun.

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