All Boxed Up Review

Turning ordinary cardboard into a tailgating BAR!!

Heading to the stadium, going to do some tailgating with friends before kickoff. Got to get your list of stuff you need together. The list is as follows:

  • Tables
  • Tables
  • Tables
  • Table cloths
  • More table clothes
  • Chairs
  • **might need another table**
  • Need another table cloth if another table is added.

Ok, I think you get the point by looking at the list. No matter how many tailgates I go to, I see multiple tables holding all sorts of food, dips, chips, drinks, you name it it’s probably at a tailgate somewhere. The problem with all those tables is that it doesn’t leave a lot of room under the tent for you or your friends. Enter, “The Tailgater” Serving Bar by All Boxed up. Wait, a cardboard serving bar? Yes, a cardboard serving bar. This thing isn’t your ordinary cardboard box; your kids really won’t be making a house out of this bad boy. The Tailgater is constructed of high quality corrugated material. Has doors on the front so that you can hide stuff away if needed, even a shelf inside that can hold your cooler, yes, you can stow away your cooler if you want to hide the good stuff. They say “The Tailgater” will hold just about anyone’s weight, although I doubt it will hold mine (and no, I’m not telling how much I weigh) A quick look at the directions and you can throw this thing together pretty quick. And tearing it down is just as easy. As sturdy as this is, you can use it multiple times.

Pros: Awesome product saves space vs. using tables, LxWxD= 49x25x48, lightweight coming in at only 8lbs, available in a few different colors. Great price

Cons: Would like to see team logos and/or more color choices. It would be great it the tailgater bar came sprayed to make it fully waterproof. (you can still spray yourself)

Overall: Great concept, multiple usages (as in you can use it in more places than just your tailgates) and once you are done with it, don’t throw it away, give it to the kids, and let them have a blast with it. Go get you one for your next tailgate and tell em Tailgating Challenge sent ya.


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