AllCornhole Custom Cornhole Products

Conrhole is the most iconic tailgating game. The basic cornhole gear has come a long ways over the years. This is confirmed by the amazing work the team at AllCornhole puts out.

I gave them an idea of what I wanted and they ran with it. You can see the final product looks amazing and when you really start looking at the details of the images they placed on the board you become even more impressed. In the video, below, I zoom in to show the detail of the football. It looks real! They also installed some cool glowing lights on the underside of the board, so you can play all night.

The boards are regulation size and everyone that has seen them loves the style!

The team at AllCornhole also makes custom cornhole bags. The ones we had made up have two unique materials (Duck cloth and suede) on each side (one to make the bag stick and the other to make the bag slide, on the board) and they even can place a high quality logo into the cornhole bag.

PROS: Amazing quality and detail in the designs produced, ability to customize and help you get your idea to print.

CONS: Our boards and bags are amazing. The only potential CON is how they hold up long term to the sun. Stay tuned for future updates.

Overall, if you’re in the market for some cornhole gear this year, then you need to check out what they are doing over at AllCornhole, but only if you’re looking for top shelf quality.

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