Apocalypse Tongs Review

I love fires! Having a warm fire burning on a cool evening is such a great way to relax. When you have a fire going you need to poke it, or move around the logs to have it burn it’s best, so you need a tool that will last. How about a tool that will last until the apocalypse? Many tools rust and fall apart over time, but then along came the Apocalypse Tongs.

The Apocalypse Tongs are hand made from galvanized steel that will never rust. They are made right here in the USA and are perfect for:

Barbecue Grilling
Dutch Ovens
Fire Pits

Really Big Splinters

Doomsday Scenarios (perfect for handling zombies..see video)

We got our Apocalypse Tongs in and built a fire to test them out. They have enough length on them that you won’t burn yourself while tending to the fire and feel very sturdy. There is nothing fancy about these tongs, they are all about their business. The galvanized steel has a good look to it and while I haven’t had these too long they have held up well. Heck I even leave them outside just to see if they will rust…none yet!
We noted above that there are many uses for these Apocalypse Tongs and during the filming of our video we had a zombie encounter. You heard correctly, there was one sketchy looking zombie that stumbled upon the video shoot and lucky for me I had these Apocalypse Tongs on me. With these tongs they are curved on the end and extremely strong, so perfect for taking out those pesky zombies.
We know zombies aren’t real, but it’s good to know that if there ever is an apocalypse these tongs will still be rust free and ready for whatever you can throw at them.

Get Ready for The Apocalypse HERE

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