Arctic Cool Shirt Review

When tailgating season kicks off the temperatures are pretty hot and humid in many parts of the country. It is essential to stay cool so you can not only enjoy the day of tailgating, but also fend off heat exhaustion. The Arctic Cool shirt line up should be a part of your tailgating equation for those ealy season games as they help keep you cooler than most shirts currently on the market.

The Arctic Cool shirts are powered with HydroFreeze technology and made from:  92% polyester/ 8% spandex textile blend. This blend helps to lower your core temperature the harder you work and sweat. I’ll admit I’m an extremely hot natured person and sweat easily.  When I first put the shirt on it actually felt cooler than many standard cotton blends and felt great on my skin. I put it to the test from traveling in an airport to working out in the yard, to shooting tailgating videos:) The shirt does what it says in regards to feeling great and keeping you cooler than most shirts. As you start to sweat it actually makes it feel cooler which is pretty awesome, right?

The shirt feels great, looks great and keeps you cooler, but for those wondering it won’t make you totally stop sweating. If you’re a hot natured person, like me, this shirt will help, but you will still sweat when you are putting in work.

PROS: Feels great, looks great, and helps keep you cooler than standard cotton shirts.

CONS: They currently can’t customize to put a team/business logo.

Overall, the Arctic Cool shirts should be a piece of your wardrobe when you get out in the tailgating elements. Stay cooler than a snowman’s toe when you wear an Arctic Cool shirt.

Get yours here:

*As a reminder this review is my opinion only. Your individual results may vary. When staying out in extreme heat take all precautions to protect yourself from heat exhaustion. 

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