Wood Pellet grills are all the rage, but they are bulky and hard to take with you to the tailgate, or campsite. The ASMOKE grill changes all of that with a portable wood pellet grill. Let’s see how this ASMOKE grill holds up to our Tailgating Challenge.

If you know anyone that grills out they either have a wood pellet grill, or they talk about getting one. Why the rage? It’s due to ease of use, ability to create great flavor and it lets even a novice look like a pro behind the grill. The problem is that most of these wood pellet grills are larger units that are perfect for the home, but not as ideal for taking on the road. The ASMOKE team recognized that grillers wanted the portability of their favorite new grills and brought out a portable edition.

Features of the ASMOKE Grill

Control TypeDial-in Digital
Product Dimensions24.80″ X 17.52″ X 14.45″ (W x H x D)
Weight20.5 KG/45.10 LBS
Temperature Range180 – 500°F
Fuel SourceWood Pellets
Total Cooking Area256 square inches
Main Surface191.4 square inches
Removeable Upper Rack64.6 square inches
Hopper Capacity4 lbs of wood pellets
ExteriorBlack Sand
MaterialSteel & Stainless Steel
Main cooking space191.4 SQ.IN.
Total cooking space256 SQ.IN.
Pellet hopper capacity4 LBS.
Total weight45.1 LBS.
Max temperature500F

The main selling point of this grill is portability and I can attest that I was able to move this grill around by myself. It fits in the back of your trunk, SUV hatch, or truck bed with ease. It also has clasps to keep the lid from coming open during transportion. The one thing I’d like to see added is rugged handles to help transportation even easier. Currently, I reach under the unit to lift it up and move.

I’ll share that I’ve never used a wood pellet grill before this one! I know that is shocking. I’ve always been a propane guy, but I knew I needed to take a step forward into the wood pellet revolution. I share this to say that this review is not done by a wood pellet grill master, but a newbie to the wood pellet game. The video below shows our first ever use of this grill and some steps/tips on how to successfully get the smoke rolling out of your new ASMOKE Grill.

Step One: put the grill together. The set up will take 5 -10 minutes. It’s straight forward.

Step Two: Grilling location and power source (wood pellet grills need electricity)

Step Three: Time to Prime the unit. Make sure the grill is operating correctly and that the auger is not blocked (take off the shield and grill grate and you’ll be able to see the auger easily) The video shows this step.

Step Four: Load the hopper with the wood pellets

Step Five: Only for 1st time use. Fire up the grill and let it cook at 350 F for 30-40 minutes to burn-off the grill.

Step Six: Time to add your food to the grill, as it is now burned off and heated up.

Step Seven: Adjust the temperature to where you want it for the food you’re cooking. There is a Smoke setting that is the low and slow method to really smoke the meats/veggies that you place on the grill.

Step Eight: Use the included meat thermometer to get a reading on the meat that you’re cooking. The temperature will show up above the actual grill temperature on the LCD panel .

Step Nine: Enjoy!

Now that the meat was off the grill, the next challenge was in front of us, how did the meat taste? We grilled up some pork chops and I was shocked that they turned out to be some of the best pork chops I’ve ever made. Remember, this was the first time I had used this ASMOKE Grill (and any wood pellet grill for that matter), so I have no doubt that I’ll get my skills even more honed in with additional grilling.

PROS: portable, easy to use, looks sleek, adds great flavor to your food

CONS: would like to see handles on the sides and possibly a second built in meat thermometer

Overall, you can see my CONS were more of suggestions for upgrades in the future vs. true issues with the grill. I was impressed with this grill overall. I’m already planning some more meals to get the smoke rolling again soon.

Learn more and get your own portable wood pellet grill by visiting ASMOKE GRILLS

Let’s get to cooking!

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We NEVER get paid for our reviews, so we can always keep it REAL with you. This isn’t always the case with many reviews that you read. We were sent a sample unit to test out with the understanding that we would give our honest thoughts on this grill.

Written By: Luke Lorick 11/23/20

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