Athlen Outdoors Yard Pong

Beer Pong is a classic, but like all great things in life it is time to make it better and BIGGER. Athlen Outdoors took the classic game of pong and made it into Yard Pong.

The goal of the game is simple, put the ball into the bucket. Seems easy as the holes are bigger, but still some challenges…for me at least! The game comes shipped to your door and there are a stack of essentially beach sytle buckets and two balls. You can set up on your lawn, the concrete, or make it a true tailgating game and set it up in the back of your truck!

The one tip that will help you play this game better is to fill the bottom of the buckets up with a little water or something of some weight so they won’t fall over or tip when you’re shooting at them. This is a must if you try to set it up on the grass, or you will have a long day of setting the buckets back up each time.

The game is fun and comes with 2 balls (I’d like to see a few more come with the game) you set the game up and can play just about anywhere. You can play how you like where each person has to make it into each bucket to win, whoever gets the ball into the most buckets before they are cleared out wins, or design a new game.

PROS: Fun game, portable, set up just about anywhere

CONS: Needs a few more balls and the buckets should be slightly weighted in the bottom to make this game easier to play on grass.

Overall, this is a fun new twist on the iconic pong game that just got YARD sized!

Get your Yard Pong game on here:

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