B on 1 Water Bottle

We got to check out the new B on 1 Glass Water Bottle from Forget Hangovers recently to bring the joy of infusing into the tailgating world.

The B on 1 bottle is a high quality glass bottle that you can fill with water or your favorite adult beverage (think vodka) and then place your favorite fruits into the bottle to infuse the liquid with flavors of your choice.

The B on 1 bottle comes in grey or the green and orange combo that really stands out. There is a protective silicon sleeve that protects the glass. The top is a twist off that has a strainer so you can drink out of the water bottle with none of the fruit getting in your way.

We tested ours by filling it up with vodka and strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. We popped it in the fridge overnight to let the infusion magic take place. On gameday it was as easy as popping the top and pouring shots out that had a very pleasant berry taste to them.

PROS: looks sharp in the orange and green, you can drink and pour from the bottle without fruit getting in the way. Easy to refill and do it again.

CONS: Condensation does build up on the glass

Overall, I hadn’t brought infused drinks to a tailgate before until now. Have fun and show off to your friends at the next tailgate by picking yours up today.


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