Bacon Scented Wrapping Paper

People love bacon! There is bacon flavored everything, so let’s take it to the next level this holiday season with Bacon Scented Wrapping Paper.

Bacon is one of the oldest cured meats that could date back over 3,000 years. I was surprised to see that on average Americans eat over 18 pounds of bacon every year. If you look around there are numerous products that use bacon: bacon flavored nuts, bacon clothing, bacon seasonings, and now Bacon Scented Wrapping Paper.

My dad actually sent me a text a week ago alerting me to this amazing product that is great for the bacon lover in your life around the Christmas holidays, birthdays and other gift giving holidays. We went over to Manly Man Company to see why my dad was so excited about this product. We ordered a roll as we knew we needed to test this out and see how it compared to real bacon.


  • 30X8 rolls
  • Bacon scented
  • Current price $19.95 per roll

The bacon scented wrapping paper came in and even through the plastic I was able to smell quite a bit of smokey aroma.

To really put this wrapping paper to the test I cooked up some bacon and then got blindfolded to complete a smell test. In one hand I was given a plate of real bacon and in the other I had a plate full of bacon scented wrapping paper. I took two big whiffs of each and I was able to determine which one was the real bacon. (Watch the Video below to see in action.)


The bacon scented wrapping paper had a smell of big smoke. It literally could invade your room with smoky aroma. They call this scratch and sniff, but you didn’t need to scratch to be able to smell this. I’d like this smell turned down just a bit, as it is slightly overpowering. This could be because it was right out of the wrapper and over time the smell may diminish.

This bacon scented wrapping paper is still an awesome way to be different and possibly make the bacon lover in your life enjoy the wrapping paper more than the gift inside.

You can order this bacon wrapping paper directly on AMAZON

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Written By: Luke Lorick 12/13/20

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