BACtrack C6 Keychain Review

Drinking and driving can lead to very bad things. You may get a ticket, go to jail, pay a huge fine, or much worse hurt someone else. We’ve all been there, we think we aren’t as drunk as we really are.  You’ve had that friend that believes they are fine to drive, when they are really not. You have probably tried to reason with them, talk them out of it, even physically held them back from getting behind the wheel. What if there were another way that could really show them they shouldn’t get behind the wheel? The BACtrack C6 keychain is ready to help.

The BACtrack C6 keychain is the smallest police grade breathalyzer. It is about the size of a 9 volt battery and only weighs 1.5 ounces. It has an easy to read digital display and can quickly warm up when called to action. There is a washable mouth piece that keeps things sanitary and it can connect to an app to show an estimation of when you’ll be a 0.00 (if you stop drinking). There is even a way to get an Uber or Lyft if you see that you shouldn’t be driving.

I’ve tested out a few breathalyzers in my day (including another model from BACtrack). These always seem to be a novelty item vs. something that can save lives. The ones I’ve used in the past have either been too big to tote around, had reliability issues with it actually working, long warm up times, and questionable results. These are the things that you can’t have if you want to use a breathalyzer to help others see they shouldn’t drive.

The BACtrack C6 helps with the issues above as its:

-Super Portable (weighs 1.5 ounces and hooks to your keychain)

-Easy to use. Just cut it on and follow the prompts on the screen.

-Has worked every time without incident during my testing.

-Warm up time of under 10 seconds

-Results ‘appear’ to be accurate (no blood tests were done during the testing to confirm) The one thing to remember too is that you can’t blow right after you take a drink or it will give inflated results. I found waiting about 15 minutes after drinking will yield the best results.

Check out the video below to see it in action. 

The BACtrack C6 is sure to be used by some to see who can blow the highest BAC at a party. This is all fun and games, but the real value in this is bringing awareness to our friends and maybe ourselves about if we should get behind the wheel, or not. Having such a portable and easy to use model will only help increase the usage and the impact it could have on your life.

There are a lot of products I review that are fun and functional, but few that could truly be life changing. This is one of those products and I hope that learning about this product helps my fans.

This is Luke with Tailgating Challenge reminding you to NEVER drink and drive and always drink responsibly. Take care of yourself and your friends.
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