Battle Toss Review

Connect Four and cornhole are both classic games that can really bring the fun out at any party. If they are both awesome alone then would it not make sense to combine these games to take fun to a whole new level. Then toss in an element of Plinko and your minds may have just blown. Let’s get into the review of the fun new game Battle Toss.

Battle Toss is the exciting new game that helps combine Connect Four and Cornhole together and your friends are going to love it. In the game of Battle Toss opponents throw blue or red ping pong balls at the basket and these balls then drop into a column. Your goal is to connect 4 in a row of your color. This can be done vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

With the classic game of Connect Four you know your move and can place your checker exactly where you want it. With Battle Toss you may know where you want the the ball to go, but it doesn’t exactly mean that it will go there. The Plinko aspect of this game throws the final challenge to all competitors.

There are a few ways to play Battle Toss that we take a look at below and you can see some of these variations in our product review video at the bottom of this review.

-Classic Play: Players alternate shots until one team connects 4 in a row

-Speed Battle Toss: Players continuously throw their balls towards the net without waiting their turn. You keep shooting until someone wins. 

-Solitary Battle Toss: You play against yourself to see how few throws it takes you to connect 4 in a row. 

-Ball Bounce Battle: You have to first bounce the ball on the driveway or table before it can go into the net. 

In addition, they are always wanting their fans to find NEW ways to play this game. We are always up for a CHALLENGE and came up with a new way to play: Reverse Battle Toss. In this new method the game is played with the board away from you, so you can’t see where the balls are going in. Your partner has to verbally tell you where to throw to win, or block an opponent.

My favorite ways of playing this game is the Classic Play and the Speed Battle Toss. The Classic play is fun for a more relaxed game where you can talk, have a drink and focus your shots. The Speed Battle Toss game takes things up a notch and you have players shooting as fast as they can and their partners running to pick up missed balls to keep the game going.

There is only one area this game could improve upon and that is the weight of the balls. We played this game outside (most tailgates occur outdoors) and with wind the balls can easily lose their course and makes it much harder to play. I’d recommend they add a little weight to all of the balls to windproof them, so you can play anywhere.

Overall, this is an extremely fun game that I’d recommend to anyone who enjoys outdoor games. I’ve tested quite a few tailgating games since starting Tailgating Challenge (see some of these HERE) and this is currently in my top 5 tailgating games.

If you’d like to learn more about this game you can check out the Battle Toss website:

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We NEVER get paid for a review as that is a conflict of interest! We were supplied one test unit to test out with the intentions of getting our honest feedback.

Written by: Luke Lorick 7/27/20

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