BBQ Essentials Gloves Review

I love to grill and I rarely burn myself, but I have before. It’s one of those moments where certain words come out of your mouth that you’re glad your mother didn’t hear, but in the HEAT of the moment that’s what occurs. Grills continue to get hotter and hotter. I recently got in a new grill that can get up to 1,500 degrees! Needless to say if you’ve ever burned your hand before you know the importance of proper grill safety. One of the best things you can do to protect your hands while working over a hot grill is to put on some quality grilling gloves.
We got in a set of BBQ Essentials Gloves recently and could feel the quality of the gloves as soon as we opened them up. These gloves boast the following specifications:
-Heat protection up to 1,472 degrees
-Heat and Flame Resistant 
-Non-Slip Silicon Grip
-Machine Washable
I put these gloves on and fired up the grill. Once it got to sizzling temperature it was time to test the gloves out. I took a deep breath and then placed my hand on the grill grates. I exhaled as I did not feel any heat on my hands. It was like the grill wasn’t even on. I tried multiple more times while grilling and left my hand on the grill for up to 6-7 seconds at a time.
The longer you leave your hand on the grill you can start to feel some heat transfer, but lets face it when you’ve burned yourself you didn’t just leave your hand on the grill for 15 seconds right?
These gloves have great grip too. I don’t always like wearing gloves, of any kind, as I feel I don’t get the grip I would with my bare hands. These BBQ Essential gloves do a good job for helping you grip all of your grill related items. I still prefer my bare hands, but I also don’t want to get burned!
If your gloves get a little dirty then toss them in the washing machine to get them cleaned off. Never worry about hard to clean gloves again.
Overall, this is my favorite pair of grilling gloves that I’ve used to date and if they save you from burning your hand just one time, then they’ve done their job.
*This review expresses my own opinions and your individual results may vary. Please always be safe around your grill. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. The company did provide the pair of gloves at no cost for this review. 


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