Beer Cap Maps Review

Love collecting bottle caps? Wish there was a better way to display them, rather than putting them in a jar? Beer Cap Maps has heard your concerns and invented this awesome new way to display your bottle caps. You also get the honor of

representing your state with these awesome cut outs and challenge yourself to fill the state with amazing bottle caps.

You can get a Beer Cap Map cut in your favorite state or one of the entire United States of America. Whats more patriotic than beer and our United States:)

We received a few samples and at first glance thought this will be amazing in a basement or a mancave. These do have a strong scent to them right out of the box.  I found it to smell like something is on the grill where as my wife thought something was on fire. It may take a few days for them to ‘air out’

Once unpackaged you can start pushing your favorite bottle caps into the pre-cut holes.  We must caution if you damage or bend a bottle cap too much when opening your beverage you may struggle to get it properly secured in the hole.

PROS: great decor for your man or woman cave, way better than leaving all your bottle caps in a jar, very affordable

CONS: as mentioned these do have a scent to them right out of the box so they will need to air out. Your bottle caps must be taken off carefully or they may not fit into the holes. It would be awesome to be able to have them made in different colors or materials (I’ve heard this may happen in the future!)

We are still thinking of the best way to display our Beer Cap Maps, but suffice to say everyone that has seen it wants one for themselves. We recommend you do the same!

Order yours today by CLICKING HERE

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