Beer Darts Review

You love beer. You love darts. Time to combine them and play Beer Darts. We check out this new game in our Beer Darts Review.

There are a few different beer dart games that we have played over the years (see others HERE) and there are slight variations that can make each of these games unique. In this review we are checking out Beer Darts. Let’s take a look at some of the rules for this Beer Darts game.

Beer Darts Rules

  1. A Dink is a Drink – If the dart hits the can in any way then you drink.
  2. Plug-N-Chug – Plug the hole with your finger and drink until the beer stops spilling from the hole.
  3. Empty Can = Game Over
  • Killshot = Game over – If dart rings the mouth hole and stays in, or if dart punctures low enough on the can
  • Darts Back – 2 hits results in an extra turn.
  • Bounces Don’t count
  • Sparks – If darts make a spark then everyone takes a drink (normally from hitting magnet or concrete)
  • Redemption – when a player is out of beer they get one last chance to throw the darts and finish off their opponent

Game Play

We got our game set up 10 feet apart and then it was time to let the darts fly. The angle, if you’re playing from your feet is tough as you’re throwing down vs. straight on. You can place the Beer Darts on a table to bring it higher off the ground. We learned that hitting the mid/higher portion of the can is easier, but when you have to hit near the bottom of the can it’s much harder.

When your opponent hits your can it will start to leak and you have to drink the beer until it stops leaking. The goal is to hit as close to the bottom of the can as possible to end the game.

We played a little bit with empty cans and it does not play the same. There needs to be liquid in the can for it to play right.

PROS: Fun game, quality wood (it even smells great), ability to put your logo, different sized gaming boards

CONS: we want to see how the wood holds up over time with beer being spilled on it during each game. Also will the custom logos hold up with extended use. More questions on future durability than any noticeable, current CONS.

There is something satisfying about having the dart hit the can. It’s hard to explain, so I encourage you to go ahead and let the darts fly and see how it feels when your dart hits the beer can.

Learn more and get your own by visiting BEER DARTS

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We NEVER get paid to give a review, so you know what we share is the truth. We were sent sample games to test out with the understanding that we will give an honest review.

Written By: Luke Lorick 11/29/20

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