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I love tailgating! Well there is the most well-known statement I could make about myself. With tailgating comes amazing things like friends, food, beer and of course games. So why not take a classic game and make it unique? That’s what just happened when the team at Beer Pong Golf took the classic game of Beer Pong and added in golf.

First off let me say I’ve never golfed. The most ‘golfing’ I’ve done is at Top Golf, or a local putt-putt establishment. When I saw the Beer Pong Golf game I knew it was special and something I had to try. I also knew that I would likely SUCK at it, given my lack of golf prowess. Nevertheless, I got a set in and borrowed a chipping wedge from a neighbor. I then began to humble myself as I missed and missed and missed the red solo cups that were lined up perfectly in this cornhole turned beer pong board.

The Beer Pong Golf game can be purchased as a single board or two boards, so you can set it up like a classic game of cornhole. The game comes with golf ‘wiffle’ balls and a chipping green that can be placed down on some concrete when you’re tailgating. It does not come with a club, so this you will need to supply (or borrow one from a neighbor).  The goal is to chip the light-weight golf balls into the solo cups to make your friends drink.

I took the board over to the local golf course and wore my best pair of golfing pants (you’ll want to watch the video for these pants alone, if nothing else) and then began to chip, chip, chip away. I chipped from different angles and while close I just couldn’t sink one. Then finally that magical moment when all the stars aligned and the ball finally went to it’s home. The ball sunk right into the red solo cup and I placed my arms above my head in triumph! Then I realized I had 9 more cups to go…..

PROS: Fun new twist for golfing fans that love to drink, easy set up, looks cool

CONS: Hardest tailgating game I’ve ever tested.

Overall, if you are a golfer, or love a challenge then the Beer Pong Golf game may be for you. If you get frustrated easy and don’t want to damage your clubs from slamming them on the ground or making them projectile (see video) then be careful when attempting this game.
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