Beer Yoga At Dirty Job Brewing

If you’re reading this then you likely have heard the buzz around Beer Yoga. It seems to be popping up at local breweries across America, but what’s it all about? I had to investigate further to see if this is just a passing fad, or something here to stay.

I woke up earlier than normal on a Saturday morning and headed down to Dirty Job Brewing in Mansfield, TX to check out their offering of beer yoga. I purchased tickets ahead of time for about $15. The ticket included 1 hour of yoga and three beers of choice. We show up and and the first question you’re asked “What kind of beer would you like,” ok maybe I can get used to this.  I picked out a nice honey and berry blend to start the morning off. The Agave Davida was a great blend and so refreshing first thing in the morning.

They provided the yoga mats and the 8 people got on the floor and started to bond over beer yoga. I had never done yoga before, but stay in pretty decent shape, so figured it wouldn’t be too bad. We started off with some easy stretches with intentional pauses to take a sip of your beer. We moved into some more difficult poses and the sweat began to form. At certain points I was pretty sure I was sweating out the beer faster than I was drinking it!

Whenever you would get low on beer someone would come around and ask what you wanted next. They had a solid selection with some unique beers that included different berry blends, cucumber, pickle and evern a mango habanero beer.  As I got my second beer we started my favorite pose: The Warrior and as I transitioned to the Warrior 2 it happened, I spilled some beer. Party foul on me! It was quickly cleaned up and back to the yoga we went.

The yoga lasted for an hour and the instructor: Nate Dog, was awesome. He had great awareness when we needed to drink and ensured everyone had fun and enjoyed their beers during the yoga session. At the conclusion of the yoga we all clapped it up and then migrated to the bar to finish our beers and chat with each other.

Beer yoga was great exercise mixed with good beers and good people. I had more fun that I anticipated and will be doing this again in the future.

The staff there was awesome too. They even pulled out their brand new, never been tapped beer that I had heard about just so I could have a taste of it before I left. This is why I love local breweries! You can’t get that service at bigger stores.

After the class I sat down with the instructor to ask the questions that you need answers to about beer yoga. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

Ready to try some beer yoga? There is likely an offering at a local brewery near you, but if you’re around the Dallas area go check out Dirty Job Brewing on a Saturday morning to get some great beer, exercise and fellowship!

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