Beet Ketchup Review

I’ve been eating the same old ketchup my whole life and had been pretty happy with the results. Ketchup is my favorite condiment hands down, so when I heard about a ketchup made from beets I was skeptical. Why would I want to change up a good thing? I knew I needed to be open to change and I bring you the Beet Ketchup Review.

The first question I had is WHY? Why would you change a good thing? Being it is one of my favorite condiments I knew I had to get past this and give it a try. I mean ketchup is my favorite condiment so why not try it made a different way? I also learned that beets have some cool benefits too!

  • Boost Brain Power

  • Boost Energy 

  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • Fights Cancer

  • Lowers Blood Pressure 

  • Full of Vitamins and Minerals

  • Helps Diabetes

  •  Natural aphrodisiac

  • And more

Ok now I’m starting to see why beet ketchup could be awesome. I’m big into health and these are some impressive claims that beets bring to the table. The other big thing is that beet ketchup has lower calories and less sugar than regular ketchup. The Foraging Fox has three different flavors of their beet ketchup: original, hot and smoked. Each one brings the flavor of beets, but with a twist.

See the video below to watch us taste each of the flavors. 

The Original flavor was good, but not great. It would not take the place of my regular ketchup. It has a slightly different color than ketchup. This one is not purple, but has more purple hues from the beets.

Ingredients in Original: Beetroot (38%), Apple, Red Wine Vinegar, Golden Granulated Sugar, Rapeseed Oil, Sea Salt, Spices.

Next up, the Hot flavor. This brought a touch of heat to the original flavor that really hit the spot. I’m sensitive to heat so I can confirm this is not spicy hot. I would say its a mild to medium level heat.  There was a more orange, red color to this beet ketchup and I can say this was my favorite of the three flavors.

Ingredients in the Hot flavor: Beetroot (38%), Apple, Red Wine Vinegar, Golden Granulated Sugar, Rapeseed Oil, Oak Smoked Rapeseed Oil, Sea Salt, Spices.

Finally, the Smoked flavor. This had an intense purple color and was a little thicker than the other offerings. The smoked flavor in this is real and I can see this being used in cooking recipes to add that smoked flavor.

Ingredients in the Smoked flavor: Beetroot (38%), Apple, Red Wine Vinegar, Golden Granulated Sugar, Rapeseed Oil, Oak Smoked Rapeseed Oil, Sea Salt, Spices.

So my personal rankings are Hot, Smoked and Original in that order. Again, these are just my personal thoughts and your individual results may vary. If you are a ketchup fan like me you have to try these to see if they could start making your ketchup rotation.

Did you know some other benefits of these beet ketchups from Foraging Fox are:

Suitable for Vegans
Suitable for Celiacs
Free From Gluten
Free From Dairy
Free From Yeast
Free From Artificial Colors
Free From Artificial Sweeteners
50% Less Sugar than regular ketchup

While I’m not giving up my regular ketchup just yet, I think Beet Ketchup will keep gaining traction over the next few years, just watch!

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The Foraging Fox sent samples to us with the intention of getting our honest feedback. NO MONEY was transferred for this review.

Written by: Luke Lorick 2/21/20


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