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With everything we do in life we are looking to a great time. Therefore, we need products that are going to help us achieve this mission. One central item that can bring a party together is a bar, but it’s not always easy to find a bar that is portable and won’t break the bank. Until now, of course! Best of Times USA has a portable, high quality bar, that will allow you to take your bar game on the road to ensure you always have the best of times.
The Best of Times Bar is that portable bar that you have been looking for. It comes with four stools, one big umbrella and an ‘L’ shaped bar. The best part is it’s easy to set up and break down. It all fits into one bag that you can throw in your trunk and then take your bar fun on the road. The Best of Times Bar boasts the following features:
• L-Shaped White Powered-Coated Steel Bar Frame 
• Three Levels of Plastic Blow-Mold Shelving
• Food-Grade Insulated Cooler Insert 
• Deluxe Wheeled Travel Case 
• Commercial-Grade 
• Sets-Up in Minutes. No Tools Required. 
• Completely Portable 
• Durable Enough to Leave Up Year Round. 
• Interchangeable Fabric Designs
I spoke to the team at Best of Times USA and they found out we were doing a brewery tailgating event and wanted to be involved. They sent out the Best of Times Bar for us to use and had it to our door in 2 business days! People hate waiting and they are able to get these out quickly. Note that if you do a custom design it will take longer. As the Best of Times USA bar was being delivered I saw that it took two UPS workers to get the main bar box from the truck. That package weighed over 90 pounds. This was the box that had the main bar and the wraps in it. The second box was much lighter and had to four bar stools.
Once they dropped it off I had my friend help me load it into the back of my pickup truck for us to take up to the brewery to set up. Once we arrived we started to open up the packages and get ready to set the bar up. We opened up all the boxes and then watched the short video they have to help you with your set up (you can find HERE). Seems easy enough and they tell you that the first time it will take 10-15 minutes, but after you do it once it will only take 5 minutes and be a breeze. We pulled the frame out of the box and placed it in the ‘L’ shape. Then you just have to place all the different levels inside the bar. These levels lock into place to provide the structure for your new bar.
Once you have these levels all put in place then you should be able to slide the umbrella pole down into the holes that SHOULD have lined up on your Best of Times Bar. You also need to place the umbrella fabric on the top and you hook the four corners into the fabric and then extend the poles out to lock into place. Once secured onto the pole you just have one more step: adding the fabric design to the outside of the bar.
You will notice there is Velcro on the outside of the bar and this will align with your fabric shell. Start on one side and start attaching it at each Velcro point. This is where you can have some fun, when you order, as they have many fun designs, teams and you can even customize to have your logo on the outside of your new bar (think tradeshows or other business events). For our event they sent one that was perfect as it said BEER and had a generic beer bottle located on front of the front. In addition to having designs on the front of the bar and the umbrella they can also add to the stool covers too. You can really ‘trick’ your bar out!
There is also a soft cooler that is built into the middle shelf behind the bar. You can load it with ice and drinks and then zip it up. It’s a nice touch to finish the bar off. Behind the bar you also have multiple shelves that can stash all kinds of items to keep the top of your bar looking clean.
Taking the bar down was even easier that than setting it up. We had it down in 5 minutes and then came the moment of truth: could we fit all the parts back into the bag? Can you believe it we fit it all in on the first try! I can’t tell you the number or times with some products that come out of a bag, but seem to NEVER all go back into that same bag when you’re putting it away.
During the day many people came up and asked me about this bar, how easy it was to set up, could they get team logos, is it portable, etc.? I had great and positive answers to give to all of these questions. This will make a statement at your event and you’ll have a lot of fun making the Best of Times in your new bar.
If you’re ready to get the portable bar of your dreams then click below to visit Best of Times USA!

Best of Times USA

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