Better Than One Koozie Review

We have all been there: going back and forth to the cooler to get yourself, or your friends, more drinks. While I’m all for some good exercise There Has To Be A Better Way!

What if there was a way to reduce the amount of trips back and forth to the cooler getting drinks? The BTO: Better Than One Koozie can help you out with this common problem. The Better Than One Koozie are two koozies that actually attach together so you can have two ice cold beers in your hands.

The next time you come back with a drink and your significant other says can you get me one of those too? You simply unscrew the bottom one and now you each have an ice cold beer.

What is even more fun is that you can keep stacking these up to have 4, 5 or even a full six pack all attached and ready for action.

These come in a variety of colors from blue, to green, to red to pink.

PROS: fun way to reduce trips back and forth to the cooler. These are perfect for tailgate hopping when you need to go see some friends at another tailgate, but don’t want to lug your cooler.

CONS: Would love to have some of these with team or customer logos on them.

Overall, this is, to me, is a great idea that is perfect for tailgating. There has to be a better way and I’m glad to say now there is thanks to Better Than One Koozies.

Get yours by CLICKING HERE

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