Big South Beer Review

I love craft beer, so it’s no surprise that when I go tailgating I normally have a variety of different craft beers in my cooler. Not all craft beers are created equal and not all craft beers are perfect for each tailgate. Different types of beers are made for different types of weather conditions. In the colder months porters and stouts take over, while in the summer lagers and light ales are my go to. Sometimes you just want an easy drinking craft beer that has no fuss, or crazy flavor profiles, to quench your thirst. Today let us introduce you to Big South Brewing and their first beer to market: Midnight Farmer.

Big South Brewing is a start up brewing company (at the time of this blog on 10/27/19) they currently sell in many parts of GA and are looking to expand outwards to other southern states. Their mission is keep beer real, keep it simple and keep it southern. The owners grew up on a cotton and peanut farm and came up with the idea for brewing one day while sitting on the back of a tailgate. I knew this was a beer I needed to get up close and personal with, since the idea was born while tailgating! Great ideas happen with a beer on the back of a tailgate.

Big South Brewing was concerned that craft beer is turning too corporate and losing its community roots. They want to brew beer from local ingredients, by local farmers who can then share their passion in the form good beer. They believe in keeping it simple, Water, Barley and Hops.

Their first beer to market is the Midnight Farmer. The Midnight Farmer is a 5.1% ABV Blonde Ale that they are introducing the south to, one hard working American at a time. We got our hands on a six pack, put it in the fridge and chilled it down to a cool 37 degrees. Then just like the owners of Big South Beer we dropped the tailgate, cracked the top and poured the Midnight Farmer into one of our Wonky Ware Tailgating Challenge pint glasses.  The Midnight Farmer poured a rich golden color with some red hues.

Now for the moment of truth, how does this beer treat your palate? I brought the glass to lips, took a big sip and swallowed. The Midnight Farmer did not disappoint. There was crisp flavor with a hint of malts on the front end. After the swallow you could taste a little bit of hops. It was a mild amount of hops, but more so than your average lager.  While I was sitting on the back of the tailgate finishing my beer I too had a great idea, I think I’ll have another Midnight Farmer beer!

See our video below to watch the taste test in action. 

If you want to learn more about Big South Brewing and their future beers and distribution check them out:


*Just like all of our reviews we were NOT paid to give our thoughts on this product. Big South Beer did provide a six pack for us to taste and give our honest opinions on. You’d be surprised how many companies take a monetary fee to give an ‘honest’ review on a product. Just like Big South Beer we will not sell out. If you appreciate NON-biased reviews then check our more of these in our product review site:

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