Black Water Barrels Review

Whiskey barrels are awesome for 2 reasons: awesome whiskey comes out of them and they make excellent decor. Black Water Barrels sent us this custom decorative barrel to get our thoughts on. First thought: SWEET!

I’ve always been a fan of whiskey barrels and now having a FULL SIZED version of my own I love them that much more. Black Water Barrels is based out of South Carolina, but can ship these decorative barrels to your front door.

The part that really makes this a unique addition to my back patio area is that they were able to fully customize the top of the barrel with our Tailgating Challenge logo and Home of National Tailgating Day. This really makes the already amazing barrel stand out that much more.

Black Water Barrels can take your logo and add it to the head of any whiskey barrel, as well.

After shipping, it showed up on a pallet ready to be the centerpiece of my patio. Everyone that has come over has commented on how great it looks and really like the fact that you can have the top customized for your own personal preferences.

PROS: customized tops, looks great, ships to your door

CONS: it wasn’t full of handcrafted whiskey!

Overall, there are many great ways you can use a whiskey barrel to decorate, so its a no brainer that you need to check out Black Water Barrels. The biggest issue you may have is how many you need to buy!

Check out Black Water Barrels today:

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