BlockHead Lawn Game Review

You know how we feel about yard games, we LOVE them! We have been testing game after game to find the ones that we love the most. In this new blog we found a new game that brought more fun and challenge than we thought. Let’s dive into the Blockhead lawn game review and see how it does in our next Tailgating Challenge.

How to play Blockhead Lawn Game

BlockHead Lawn Game Play

The Blockhead lawn game has two boards that are attached together for easier transportation via a metal clasp on opposite ends of the board. Once we got those clasps unhooked the boards were loose and we pulled the legs out to set the boards up. The boards set up flat like a table and not at an angle like cornhole.

On the board there were two smaller holes at the top corners and one larger hole in the center. The scoring holes take up 35% of the board, so I thought making shots would be easy. I was wrong! It was way more challenging for everyone to make a shot in a hole, than anyone anticipated.

This is ok though, since the most fun part of this game is what happens when the offensive player misses the shot. The defensive team is trying to catch the ‘block’ before it hits the ground. If it hits the ground the offensive player still gets a point. If a defense player catches it the offense gets 0 points, but if the defensive player taps the ‘block’ to their defensive partner and they catch it then it’s 2 points for the defense!

The tapping of the ‘block’ off the rebound is so much fun. You have to stay on your toes and think fast as the blocks will come off at strange angles once they hit the board.

The ‘block’s are cubes so depending how they hit, they could literally go anywhere!

We played in the parking lot and in grass. I like the option of playing on grass or even on sand (think the beach) as players can go even harder after the rebounds without getting hurt by the asphalt.


PROS: interactive, quality construction, fun game play
CONS: Needs better way to secure the ‘blocks’, heavier game board than I thought.

Overall, this game was so fun with trying to catch the ‘block’ especially when you’re catching it off the tap from your partner. If you’re looking for an engaging yard game, then it’s time to give the Blockhead Lawn Game a shot.

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Written By: Luke Lorick 8/25/21

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