Blue Sky Outdoor Living NFL Fire Pit Review

We all love our teams and we love great fire pit nights. Now you can combine the two with an NFL team fire pit. These fire pits have 3 team logos around the base to help showcase who you cheer for while the flames dance. Now let’s get into the Blue Sky Outdoor Living NFL Fire Pit Review.

There are two things that I remembered falling in love with as a child, sitting around a fire and my San Francisco 49ers. The team at Blue Sky Outdoor Living recognized that there were many people just like me out there, who shared a similar passion. Thus these fire pits were made to help support our favorite teams.


  • Team logo laser cut into the fire pit with color behind it to make it stand out
  • Black powder-coated paint is rated for exposure to high temperatures
  • High-efficiency design burns firewood or wood pellets with little smoke, sparks or ash
  • Generates significant heat for a great backyard bonfire
  • This fire pit has a strong and sturdy design
  • Quick to assemble and store

We got ours in about 4 months ago and were stoked to use it, but then came our fire ban. There were some of the worst forest fires in the history of Colorado and, as such we had to let this fire pit sit on our back patio until this past weekend, when the fire ban had officially been lifted.

The Blue Sky Outdoor Living fire pit looks the part. It’s wide, has a deep hole to place fuel and has the air chambers that should allow for a high burn temperature. We were chomping at the bit to get ours going last night.

Our First Use

We first attached the ash catching tray to the bottom (you can see this step in our video below) and then flipped the fire pit over, so we could add some fuel. We added one of our favorite fire log starters (Envirolog) to get this fire started. We then added some additional wood as we gathered around the fire pit, with a cold beer in hand. Side note, this fire pit will also burn pellets as a fuel source.

The fire started to build and the flames were coming out of the top of the pit, it looked awesome. This fire pit generates quite a bit of heat. Normally, you need to sit pretty close to the fire pit to get the heat, but we learned that even sitting further back you could still feel the heat coming from this fire pit.

I recognized quickly that this fire pit was burning hotter than any fire pit I’ve tested and this led to a few things: more heat, less smoke, and it was burning the fuel faster than other fire pits. This is not a smokeless fire pit, but it is a greatly reduced smoke fire pit. My wife hates the smoke a traditional fire pit puts out and she even shared that this was her favorite fire pit we’ve tested since she didn’t feel like she was sucking down smoke while trying to enjoy the fire.

In Conclusion

PROS: great heat, reduced smoke, shows your team spirit

CONS: this version is a little bulky if you plan to move it around to different locations on a regular basis (43 pounds)

Overall, I was quite surprised by this fire pit. We had an awesome fire pit night and the extra heat, combined with lack of smoke was a big contributor to it.

Ready to step up your back yard fire pit nights? Check out Blue Sky Outdoor Living

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Written By: Luke Lorick 12/6/20

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