Bodega T50 Electric Cooler Review

Tired of buying ice? How about a cooler that can keep your food and drinks cold with no ice. The Bodega Electric cooler has dual temperature zones to keep the contents at the perfect temperature. Stop buying ice and get more out of your cooler with the Bodega T50 Electric Cooler Review. Let’s put this electric cooler to our Tailgating Challenge to see if this is your next cooler.

Boedga Cooler Features

-Fast Cooling

-Chills down to -4 F

-Carrying Handle

-Digital Temperature with Dual Zones

-Wheels for better portability

-Quiet motor

What Did We Think?

We have tested a few electric coolers in the past and the things I want to focus on during this review, portability, noise, and how well the cooling works.

First, lets talk portability. This cooler has handles on each side for lifting and moving around. It also has wheels on the back to help roll. Now when I first saw the wheels I did not have high hopes. These wheels don’t look like much, but they actually surpassed by expectations! I was able to easily move this cooler on both paved surfaces and even through the snow. If you’re going on rocky terrain it may not do as well given the wheels don’t give it much ground clearance.

Onto the noise. With electric coolers there is a motor and some are louder than others. This one was close to whisper quiet. You could hear it, but it was pretty dang quiet (check the video to hear it) and if you weren’t in a totally quiet area you wouldn’t even know it was on.

Let’s chill out. This electric cooler boasts 15 minute cool time to get the dual digital thermostats down to temperature. In testing it was around 30 minutes for us, but that varies based on ambient temperature. With additional testing we learned that the temperature fluctuates from the programmed temperature. This cooler appears to run in cycles where it will keep the temperature around what you programmed, but it does not lock in on a temperature and hold it there. It can go up to 7 degrees above, or below the programmed temperatures.

Finally additional features. It has a USB that can charge your phone, this isn’t something that I normally use, as I have a power station that powers the cooler, but could have it’s place depending on how you’re powering the cooler. There is no internal battery, so it will need constant power to keep the cool temperatures going. It also has an interior light that automatically comes on when you open the cooler lid (and you have it powered).


PROS: good value cooler, wheels better than expected, interior light, dual temperature zones
CONS: no internal battery, variability with the programmed temperature

Overall, this electric cooler is a great value, as it is a lower priced option, but you wouldn’t know that based on its overall performance.

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Bodega Cooler Review Video

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Written By: Luke Lorick 11/10/22

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