Body Ball Game Review

You know we love fun games! It’s one of the reasons we founded National Yard Games Day in 2021. We are always on a quest to find the latest and greatest outdoor games to show our fans. We know that games are huge part of the tailgating experience and we just found one that made us laugh more, while playing, than any game we have tested recently. Let’s get into our Body Ball Game Review and see how it does in the Tailgating Challenge

How to Play Body Ball

Games are played to a score of 17 points (unless otherwise specified by a tournament director)

Your partner throws the ball toward you:

-Direct swoosh into the net

-Use any part of your body except your hands to get it in the net

-Ball can bounce once on ground or a wall into the net

Teammates stand 6 feet apart, each with an opponent along-side of them. Each teammate gets 2 throws to get the ball into their teammates net, then the second teammate has their turn to do the same.

If all 4 shots go in on that team’s turn, they have the option to stay 6 feet apart or both take a step back. Your opponents must move with you, so the next turn will be further for everyone – OR you may choose to stay at your current distance.

Was it Fun?

I’ll start with YES this game was fun. I had a feeling in seeing what they had going on with social media that we’d have a blast and gather some laugh’s while playing the Body Ball Game and it didn’t disappoint!

When we first put our Body Ball Game belts on with the hoops we started laughing, as the positioning of the hoop is right at your waist (I’ll leave that right there). With the movements you have to do when your partner throws the ball your way, there are some questionable moves that you may not want to do around your coworkers. I will say I learned that the first time I played.

Also, for the guys out there, be careful as your partner may have an errant shot that puts you on the ground. Again, see the note about where the hoop is positioned. I’ll say I ended up on the ground on the second throw we ever did playing this game. Once the players find their shots this was a non-issue, but protect yourself!

Body Ball Game was fun for all ages and we did some fun trick shots in our video below. The one where I did a 360 spin before catching the ball that was in the air was one that some said was photoshopped. See what you think.

All in all, if I want to loosen some people up and get the smiles going I know what game I’m reaching for.


PROS: portable, easy scoring, tons of laughs, good movement for exercise and trick shots
CONS: gentlemen be careful as injuries can occur given where the hoop is set up

Overall, if you’re looking for portable game that will bring the smiles and moves out then it’s time to check out Body Ball Game.

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Body Ball Game Video Review

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Written By: Luke Lorick 8/8/21

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