BottleDrop Review

Ready for the next big tailgating game? Well this one may be for you. Bottle Drop is a fun, exciting, and challenging game that is spreading across tailgating sites, camp sites, and parties. It’s fun for everyone.

Bottle Drop comes with a carrying case, two stands (each stand comes in two separate pieces), 8 solo cups, 2 unbreakable bottles, and a Frisbee. The game consists of two teams of two. Each teammate can only use one hand during the entire game. Using the Frisbee, the goal is to knock the bottle off the cup and stand. The goal for the non-throwing team is to catch the Frisbee as well as the bottle. Dropping a catchable Frisbee awards the other team 1 point. Dropping the bottle awards the other teams 2 points. First team to 21 points wins the game.

PROS: portable, fun for everyone, change of pace than most tailgating games, able to customize colors to your favorite team colors

CONS: Can’t play on concrete due to you having to stick poles in the ground. Must pay attention the whole game or could end up with a Frisbee to the face.

This is a fun new game that uses a entirely different skill set from you average tailgating games.

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