BrewQube Review

If you know me, then you know I love beer! So I’m going to have som beer when I’m out tailgating. As I’ve gotten older and more refined (well maybe just older) I like drinking special craft beers. I have used the 64 oz. growler in the past, but that’s not enough beer for me to share. I’m a giver at heart and that’s why I’m glad I found the BrewQube.

The BrewQube is what I called a BEAST of a growler because instead of holding a measly 64 ounces of beer, it can hold OVER TWO GALLONS (288 ounces) of your favorite beer. The BrewQube is made of a heavy duty plastic that comes in grey and blue colors. It has a quick connect fitting for the CO2 and for the pour hose on the back that makes set up a breeze. Let’s get into my experience using the BrewQube.

The BrewQube came in the mail and I rip into the box, because I think I already stated I love beer. I check out the monster of a growler that sits before me in all of its glory. It has a handle on each side and is 8.5 X 12.5 inches in a cube ‘Qube’ like form, so it will easily fit in a fridge. Next step, I need to find some good beer to fill this baby to the top with. I enter Guitars and Growlers (a local brewhouse here in Dallas, TX) and determine that my beer of choice will be the Pomegranate Sour beer. As the bar keep began to fill up this beast there were multiple questions and comments from employees and patrons alike: What is that? Wow that is big? You going to drink all of that? Hope you pick the right beer? No one had seen anything like this. For those that don’t know Grolwer fills are priced for one fill, so I had to ask: well since its really only one growler can you hook me up? They couldn’t do it for that price, but we worked it out. Did I mention the BrewQube is about the same as 4 full regular growlers!

Further, while I was filling up the BrewQube I learned that they must fill every growler all the way up, or it will be considered an open container. Didn’t know that, but ah well fill’er up! After getting the massive pour into the BrewQube I put the beer into the trunk and headed home.

Once I arrived home I placed the beer in the fridge and noticed an ever so slight bubbling coming out of the quick connect fitting. No worries, they call them Growlers for a reason (in the old days people would fill up buckets of beer with a lid. They would then try to get them home before they started GROWLING meaning the beer was expanding and trying to let carbonation out) and on the top of the BrewQube is a pressure release valve to help with this. After a quick release of pressure there were no more issues. On a side note, the BrewQube may expand and bulge, which is ok and did not present any issues for me.

Fast forward to the next day. I suddenly became pretty parched and needed something to quench my thirst. It’s time to unleash the BrewQube and the 2 gallons of beer I have in the fridge. I snapped the pouring hose on and then snapped the regulator in, as well. I say snapped because you literally just push it on and it snaps in place, super simple. From there I twisted in the CO2 cartridge and quickly tightened it up. I adjusted the PSI, you don’t want it over 15 PSI, then it was time for the moment of truth. I pushed the pouring spout down and out flowed beautiful Pomegranate Sour beer.

I shared with my friends and we hit the bottom of the Brewqube (we ran out) later in the evening. Did I mention how good this beer was? The BrewQube peformed like a champ all night long and poured us the nectar of the gods until almost the last drop. I say that, as there is about 6-7 ounces in the bottom that I had to manually pour and shake out!

PROS: conversation piece, allows you to share your favorite craft beer with friends, worked perfectly

CONS: cleaning is more tedious than with a regular growler (it does come with cleaning tablets) it’s some work to get all of the liquid out of the bottom. It would also be nice if there was a small clear line on the BrewQube so you could see how much beer was in it.

Overall, if you tailgate and love craft beer then this is the growler for you. You can have over 2 gallons of your favorite brew for you and your friends. A regular growler is selfish, but a BrewQube was born to share!

Get your BrewQube HERE

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