Burrito Pop Review

If you love burritos then listen up! There is a new product on the market that is dubbed the burrito elevator. Meet the Burrito Pop. This was successfully funded on kickstarter in 2020 and we got our hands on one to complete the Burrito Pop Review.

Burritos have always been one of my favorite foods. They bring a melody of flavors together wrapped in a warm tortilla shell. I’m getting hungry just writing this. In years past the biggest issue for me eating a burrito was the toppings coming out! This created waste and sometimes quite a mess. This is just one of the burrito problems that the Burrito Pop aims to solves.


-Eat on the go

-Dishwasher safe

-Microwave safe

-Twist design to enjoy ever bite of burrito

-Keep your hands clean

-Keep germs off your burrito

-Weight 1 pound

Testing of the Burrito Pop

One of my favorite burritos is from Qdoba. I love a giant veggie burrito that really fills you up and brings fresh flavor medley to your taste buds. I went to down the local Qdoba and had them make my favorite. Before they went to put it in a bag I said if you could just slide that into the Burrito Pop that would be great. There was the brief moment of what is this guy talking about and the reality that a burrito holder/protective case was in their store. They were pretty excited to see it and asked where I got it from.

The burrito was big so we had to work it in the Burrito Pop, but it wasn’t a big deal. I then demonstrated to the staff how it worked and they watched as the burrito went up and down as I twisted on the bottom.

I secured the Burrito Pop and headed to the house to shoot the full video below. When I got home we started the filming, but something was not right. I was twisting both ways on the Burrito Pop and nothing was happening. We cut the filming and I got the burrito out only to see that the mechanism in the bottom was already broken and off the tracks. This was pretty disappointing that the first time EVER using this product that it fails before I could even eat one burrito in it.


PROS: generates conversations, helps with topping spills, keeps hands clean

CONS: won’t fit in all microwaves and broke the first time I put a burrito in it

Overall, this has potential for those that love burritos. With the item breaking the very first time I put a large burrito in there I am disappointed. I’m sharing this feedback with Burrito Pop in hopes that they can ensure that other burrito lovers will not suffer the same frustration!

If you are all about that burrito life then you need to learn more and get your own by visiting BURRITO POP.

Thanks for reading this far. Leave us a comment or question about your thoughts on our Burrito Pop Review.

Burrito Pop Review

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Written By: Luke Lorick 1/22/21

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