Buzz Ball Table

Do you remember playing paper football when you were a kid? The team at Buzz Ball Table did and created the first tailgating game that brings paper football to the tailgate!

The Buzz Ball Table is a table that folds in half and has adjustable legs to set up the playing field for the flick ball game.  There is simulation football field with end zones and even goal posts, for when you kick the extra point!
Buzz Ball Table comes with two footballs and turnover chips (if the opponent hits one of your turnover chips when driving down the field its your ball). You can add a furniture polish, like Pledge, to the field if you want a slicker surface for the football to travel over.
Installation and set up was actually very easy, but set up of the game is recommended to have 2 people assist.
The table is a little heavy, but still can be managed by most (they are working on reducing weight in future models).
The game itself is pretty fun and can be more challenging than you think. You’ll start playing and all of sudden it happens…you start to become addicted and you must get the ball over the goal line. I know I enjoy the game at a tailgate and not only that it is a sweet table to be used to set up food and other tailgating goodies on, when you are not playing it.
PROS: football at a football game need we say more! Cool layout, has built in cup holders, fun, sure to draw the attention of other tailgaters. Can also be used as a festive table to lay out food and snacks at your next tailgate.
CONS: A built in score board and some flags on the goal posts (to account for wind) would be some cool upgrades in the future. The table is a little heavy and cutting some weight in future models would be a good idea.
Overall, if you loved paper football as a kid then you will love it even more as a grown up with Buzz Ball Table.
Channel your inner child and get some paper football action on at the next tailgate with Buxx Ball Tables.
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