BYBLIGHT handheld light

Big LIGHT in small container.. that is best way I can describe the BYBLIGHT. Lets face it we all need light whether it’s at a night tailgate and you’re trying to get back to your vehicle, or at a campsite. The problem used to be that to get good light you had to have a bigger flashlight, not any longer. The BYBLIGHT flashlight came in the mail and we quickly put it to use. It came charged (yes you can recharge the battery, no more looking for double A’s). It has a solid beam of light and a flashing mode as well. The light is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand and had a nice rugged feel to it.

In the tests the light put out a strong beam of light and covered a distance that exceed expectations. The other cool thing about this light is that you can pull the head of the light in and out to adjust how the light spreads (see the video for a demo).

PROS: small but mighty, rechargable battery, fits into your pocket.

CONS: After charging and screwing back on you have to ensure screwed in tight or it didn’t work during multiple tests. I call this part product issue/part user issue.

Overall, great light! My wife has already stated this is now hers, so I guess I’ll be looking to get another one soon.

Happy Wife Happy Life though…right:)

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