California Cowboy Shirt Review

We all need some high quality gear no matter the season. One thing that I always look for in clothing is comfort and POCKETS! I love some good storage pockets for my gear and the California Cowboy has multiple lines of shirts that have the best storage that I’ve ever seen.

The California Cowboys make shirts that have that rugged look with an insane amount of pockets to store all of your personal belongings. We got two of their shirts to put to the Tailgating Challenge test (check out our video below to see these shirts in action). We were sent the long-sleeved High Sierra Shirt and the short-sleeved High Water Shirt.

Check out the features of the long sleeved High Sierra Shirt:

-Luxury Portuguese flannel
-Lined with custom developed cotton-modal thermal
-Reinforced bottle pocket
-Water resistant hunting inspired dry pocket for safe tech storage 
-Sunglass secure loop
-Hidden glove loop
-Cannabis-ready pen pocket, or a regular pen for those that don’t use Cannabis
-Specially designed bottle opener & pocket
-All High Sierra flannel shirts include: Beer Koozie, Bottle Opener, and come in sizes from XS-3XL

high sierra shirt

The short sleeved High Water Shirt features:

-Hand-sewn in Santa Ana, California
-Lined with custom blended terry cloth (breathable and 25% more water-absorbent than standard cotton)
-Reinforced bottle pocket
-Water-resistant dry pocket for safe tech storage 
-Sunglass secure loop
-Specially designed bottle opener & pocket
-All High Water shirts include: Beer Koozie, Bottle Opener, sizes from XS-3XL

High Water

My friend and I took these shirts to Fredericksburg, TX to put these to the test. We wore these shirts for multiple days in a row and kept the conversation going about our thoughts on each of these unique shirts. Both of these shirts have a slim fit, as relatively fit guy I have found plenty of clothes that are baggy in the stomach area and these shirts fit an active build better than most. On the other hand if you’re a bigger guy these may be tighter than you expect.

The first thing that jumped out to both of us was the lining in each of these shirts. It is SO SOFT! I’m not exaggerating when I say these shirts feel amazing when you put them on. I can also state that I lost my shirt multiple times because my wife wanted to wear it. She loved the inside material and how it made her feel cozy. On a side note California Cowboy also makes a women’s line of products. I may have to get my wife one if I ever want to wear mine again!

The storage these shirts provides is amazing. My favorite pocket is the technology/dry pocket that is fully lined and has a water resistant zipper. In my adventures I always have loved a zipper pocket, so I don’t lose my phone. This shirt has that zipper pocket and even makes sure it will stay dry! The sunglass loop down the button line is also handy, so you have a place to hang your sunglasses when the sun goes down. There is a hidden interior pocket in both models and then the most interesting pocket ever, BEER POCKET! There is a beer pocket on the back right side that you can slide your beer into. I would like this pocket to be a little tighter to ensure the beer doesn’t fall out if you’re doing something crazy. Right beside that pocket is a bottle opener pocket (they supply a 24 karat gold style). These two pockets are a great combo after a hike.

We hiked up to the top of Enchanted Rock and then enjoyed our celebratory beer after making it back from the hike. You can see the beer pocket and bottle opener pocket in action in our video, below.

Overall, these shirts have a rugged look, plenty of storage and the inside lining feels amazing. The beer pocket could be a little tighter and you may not use all of the pockets, but it’s nice to know they are there should you ever need them. If you’re ready to take your current flannel shirt to the next level it’s time to become a California Cowboy!

Check out the full line up of all the California Cowboy shirts here:


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California Cowboy sent us these two shirts to test out with the intention of getting our honest thoughts. No monetary consideration was exchanged.

Written by: Luke Lorick 1/5/20

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