Can Clip Review

Who would have thought a small can clip could disrupt the mixed drink industry? Well thanks to the Draft Top team they dropped a new item that while small is quickly becoming mighty in the mixed drink industry. Meet the Can Clip! This clips on the side of your canned beverage as a holder for a mini bottle. Intrigued? Let’s get into the Can Clip Review.

How To Use the Can Clip?

-You must have a Draft Top to first cut the top off your can

-Then you will slide the Can Clip over the top of the now open can

-Open your mini bottle of choice and turn it upside down and into the small hole on the Can Clip

-Slide a Straw into the open portion of the can and enjoy

What Did We Think?

When I first saw the Can Clip I didn’t really get it. I simply said WHY?! As I saw the item sell out multiple times I knew I had to at least test it out to see what the hype was all about. I already had the Draft Top as I had tested each of the 4 iterations that have come to market. I got some Can Clips and took them out to the tailgate.

The first step in chopping the top of the can is simple and we have done that multiple times over the years. In adding the Can Clip, you light squeeze the can and it will slide onto the top. You will hear an audible click when it is secured. I opened a mini bottled and placed it in the Can Clip hole and heres the good part the alcohol did not all pour out into the can! The pressure of the liquid already in the can doesn’t allow the full mini bottle to pour out.

As you drink more of the mixed drink, more of the mini bottle will pour out into the drink. It will reach the point where the mini bottle and the liquid in the drink no longer touch and the rest of the mini bottle will pour out into your can.

Remembering to have a straw is your pro tip, as this is the most effective way to utilize the Can Clip. While this can be used on larger cans I prefer the 12 ounce cans as the drink will more slowly release in the smaller can vs a larger one.

Some will say just pour the drinks in a cup and drink up. They aren’t wrong in the fact that it could be faster and will still get the job done, but you lose the style and flare the Can Clips can garner from other tailgating guests.


PROS: easy to use, make a unique mixed drink, don’t have to pour any of the drink from your can out to make a mixed drink
CONS: must have a straw to effectively use

Overall, if you’re looking for a fun way to prepare your mixed drinks at your next tailgating party, may we suggest a Can Clip! What mixed drink combo would you make first?

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Written By: Luke Lorick 10/18/23

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