Can-O-Que BBQ Sauce Review

At every good cook out there is BBQ and beer, so it only makes sense to make a BBQ sauce made with craft beer! Rufus Teague and Boulevard Brewing teamed up to bring tailgaters across the nation the Can-O-Que. Given the motto on these cans is: Tailgating Is The Ultimate Dinner Party, we knew we had to get our hands on a six pack and review the beer based BBQ sauce: Can-O-Que.

Rufus Teague has long been associated with great BBQ sauce, as they have been making your BBQ better for years. They wanted to take things a step further and they partnered with Boulevard Brewing, who has been perfecting craft beer since 1989, to add their Unfiltered Wheat beer to their BBQ sauce. This sounds amazing and they then put the proverbial cherry on top by putting their new sauce in beer cans! You literally open the BBQ sauce like a beer and then pour it on your food.

When I first saw Can-O-Que online I knew this was a tailgaters match made in heaven. We love Beer and we love BBQ so putting them together in a fun can is right up every tailgaters alley. We got some chicken thighs and then marinated them over night in this beer based BBQ sauce. There is a black removable top on top of the can that you can take off and then pop the top to pour the BBQ sauce on your favorite meat. If you don’t use the entire can you can place the black top back on and then toss it in the fridge, or cooler. We used the entire 12 ounce can of Can-O-Que BBQ sauce on these thighs and after marinating overnight, we fired up the grill to put them on.

The Can-O-Que top ingredients: Sugar, Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Beer, Tomato Paste, Vinegar and Molasses.

Pretty cool that the SECOND ingredient is some delicious beer. Let’s be honest many of us cook with beer already, so this just takes what some of us are already doing and makes it easier. Once the grill was fired up we put the beer based BBQ marinated chicken thighs on the grill and listened to the sizzle. With the sugar and beer base these browned up nicely on the grill and here is the finished product:


The Can-O-Que sauce smelled good, but how does it taste? I sampled some straight from the can and it had a very sweet and slightly smoky flavor. How the food tastes after grilling is the big question though. I cut into one of the tender, juicy chicken thighs and placed the first bite in my mouth. This had some serious Kansas City BBQ flavor that invaded my palette upon the first bite. It is a sweeter sauce that tasted great. I can say that I couldn’t really taste any beer flavor from the Wheat Beer, but the BBQ sauce as a whole lived up to expectations. My only feedback would be to also make this in a lighter, or sugar free form. From those attempting to watch their weight, to those that are managing blood sugar it could be a hit for a whole new segment of tailgaters.

Overall, this is the most tailgate BBQ sauce that I have ever come across and I’d encourage you to grab a six pack, fire up the grill and get ready for some intense Kansas City style flavor!

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Rufus Teague sent us a sampler of the Can-O-Que BBQ sauce with the intent to get our honest review. NO monetary consideration was given for this review.

Written by: Luke Lorick 2/9/20

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