CargoBud Review

If you own a truck, like we do, then I know you have a variety of sizes of bungee cords stashed in the cabin. CargoBuds has taken the common bungee cord and given it a new twist.

CargoBuds take 2 bungee cords and adds 2 solid stabilizer bars that join them together to give you some additional flexibility in how you secure your cargo.
CargoBuds do a great job of holding coolers, propane tanks, Kayaks and more in the bed of a truck.
PROS: unique idea, helps secure items that regular bungee cords have a difficult time doing, competitive pricing
CONS: in our opinion these won’t take the place of the traditional bungees altogether, Also the hooks are a little long so we had some difficulties hooking them up and getting them off in our truck (but this also makes these super secure)
OVERALL these are a great idea to help with odd items that traditional bungee cords have difficulty containing.  We are going to keep our bungee cords and these CargoBuds in our truck so we can secure ANYTHING!

Check them out here:

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