CastAway Fishing Game Review

Did you know there is a yard game that could actually make you better at…FISHING? Here at Tailgating Challenge we have shown off numerous games, but in our quest to bring you the latest and greatest we found a game that uses a fishing pole and scoring board to have fun and get better at casting your fishing rod. Interested? Read on in our CastAway Fishing Game Review.

How to Play CastAway Game

1) Inflate the wedge game-board to about 80% capacity. For improved game-play DO NOT FULLY INFLATE.

2) Attach lure using one of the included swivels and get ready to cast at game-board.

3) Move to desired distance and begin casting at the board.

NOTE: The CastAway standard distance for a game is 30 feet from player position to front of gameboard. However, we suggest younger and newer players to begin closer to the board and work back until consistently hitting the board.


  • 10 CASTS

We recommend you begin playing CastAway with this game. Each player has a total of 10 casts, they will take turns cast for cast until each has cast at the board 10 times. Whoever has the most points at the end of the 10 casts wins.

  • 300

The goal of this game is to be first player to reach a total of 300 points (feel free to set any number you prefer for longer or shorter games). Using a cast for cast approach, the first player to reach 300 points wins.


Each of the 7 scoring zones is associated with a legendary fish species. To win this game, be the first to land a lure in each of the 7 zones to “catch” all 7 fish species. (Another shorter version of this game is to call out a specific fish species and the first player to land in that fish zone wins the round.)

Castaway Fishing Game in the Big Thompson River

Game Testing

Step 1, with the CastAway game is pumping up the scoring board with air. This is a work out! The foot pump takes some time to pump up, but it will eventually get the the proper inflation into the board. They recommend inflating to about 80% of the full air capacity to ensure proper game play.

Next up, grab your tackle box (included), to add the lure that has velcro and no hooks to the end of your favorite fishing rod.

Step back about 30 feet to start casting away to try and get the lure stuck on a scoring part of the board that you previously inflated.

We put on our waders and stepped into the fast flowing Big Thompson River and started to cast towards the scoring board. It was a challenge. Over the last year I’ve been working so hard with creating content at Tailgating Challenge that I haven’t been fishing as much as I used to, so maybe this was my wake up call that I needed to get out and fish more!

This game can be played on solid ground, or you can float it out into a body of water to practice your casting.

In having some friends and family play it was challenging for them, as well and we never got through a full game as people got too frustrated with the lack of scoring and challenge. Again, I feel this game is made for fishermen and women to work on their cast, or get children interested in the sport of fishing.


PROS: works on improving your cast, a game that is totally different from your average yard game
CONS: may not be a good fit in a crowded event, one of the most challenging games we have played that turned some off as scoring was not plentiful

Overall, this game was one of the more challenging games that we played. While this may not be the best game to bring out to a crowded tailgating event, this game could help you work on your cast, or get your kids into the sport of fishing.

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CastAway Fishing Game Video Review

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Written By: Luke Lorick 8/11/21

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