Cauldryn Fyre Mobile Review

How awesome would it be to have hot water anywhere…without a fire? That dream is now a reality thanks to the Cauldryn Fyre Mobile. This tumbler has a special trick, a special power unlike anything we have ever seen before. It can boil water! You heard correctly, this tumbler can boil water without a fire.

The Cauldryn Fyre Mobile holds 16 ounces of your favorite beverage and can keep drinks cold for hours, or can be used with multiple different heat settings to really get things Fyred up! Let’s focus on what makes the Cauldryn unique: the ability to heat your drink. There are multiple heat settings that you can choose from:

Hot (Around 130 degrees)
Extra Hot (around 160 degrees)
Brew (gets to around 195 degrees)
Boil (in our tests it got to over 200 degrees)

Let’s start from scratch. When you first get your Cauldryn in make sure you charge it fully. If you have the Mobile edition there will be 4 blue bars that you can watch charge up. Once you have it fully charged and you’re ready to heat something up, pour the water into the Cauldryn and then push the appropriate buttons to get the heating activitated. I will say this is the one area that Cauldryn could do better, because they really need to make it easier to know what button does what. There should be directions etched onto the unit so you know how to use it. Otherwise you will need to keep the directions handy to determine what sequence of buttons to push.

Once you select the proper buttons you can watch the yellowish bars start to activate on the back and within a few minutes (you’ll hear it start to heat up/boil) you will have piping hot liquid that can get over 200 degrees!

There are so many great uses for this for tailgating or camping. You can make hot tea, hot toddy’s, hot chocolate, clean drinking water, make hot soup, etc. etc.

Aside from making it easier for the user to know what buttons to push I just wish it came in models that were over 16oz.

PROS: can boil water when you have no fire or heating source, keeps drinks hot OR cold

CONS: Needs better directions on the unit itself, needs options for a larger than 16 oz version

Overall, this is a great idea that I know many people will benefit from. Kudos to the team at Cauldryn at taking a tumbler and making it do something that I’ve never seen done before. I raise my Hot Toddy to you Cauldryn. Cheers.

Get yours HERE

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