CBeerD Review Hemp Shots for Your Beer

Those that know me, know that I love a cold beer on the weekend. The refreshing flavor and relaxation can take the edge off after a long week. I thought my beer was perfect until I heard there is a new shot that you can add to your favorite beer for additional flavor and some extra ‘relaxation’.

CBeerD is a natural hemp shot that claims to add flavor and that extra ‘relaxation’ from the CBD and THC that is in each shot. Let’s take a look at some of the features of CBeerD.

-100mg CBD per shot

-Under 0.3 THC per shot


-Gluten Free

-Made in the USA


One of my first questions about this product was if it’s readily available in all 50 states it can’t have any THC in it, right? Well here is what the CBeerD company shares for those that have that question about THC and drug testing.

WARNING: This product contains small amounts of THC. THC is a psychoactive substance. Do not use if you are nursing or pregnant.

AMOUNT OF THC: Just under .3%, as required by Federal Law

This let me know up front that there is some level of THC in each shot. The question is can the average person even ‘feel’ this amount of THC. We had to do some more in depth testing to find these answers out. Let’s pour a shot of CBeerD in a glass of beer and get to work on sharing our thoughts with you on this new product.

I tried CBeerD in both with using the full shot and with the half shot. I’m a fan of getting two doses out of one shot, as the effects are perfect with half a shot for me. The full shot got me feeling a little too ‘relaxed’ and you can check out the video below to see what we thought was a good idea to do (spoiler alert dancing) after having a beer with full shot of CBeerD.

Mixing the CBeerD is as simple as pour, stir and enjoy. When we mixed it in with a lighter beer it changed the complexion of the beer and gave it a little haze, so this will change the appearance of the beer you’re drinking.

Let’s talk about the taste. The CBeerD will slightly change the taste of the beer you are drinking. This is another reason I like to do a half shot as it makes it mild. The CBeerD adds a ‘dank’ flavor to your drink that I enjoy. I’ve liked beers that have that mild dank flavor and this can add that flavor to any beer now. In addition to testing this in beer I drank some with no mixer and it starts out pretty spicy and then has the dank flavor on the back end. I’d recommend using this in a drink and not taking a shot of it.

During the testing we may have had over one full shot each and I’ll be honest I felt a little ‘high’ afterwards. We had a great time, plenty of laughs and fun but surprised that this is actually legal to buy in any state.

This product would be best suited for someone:

-who likes the ‘dank’ flavor in their beer

-wants extra ‘relaxation’

-want a CBD/THC product, but it is not legal in their state

-would benefit from CBD for anxiety, or pain management

Overall, I was impressed as I liked the flavor it added and the extra ‘chill’ it added was a nice bonus. I’d recommend finding the right dose for you, as it may not be a full shot.

Finally, I must stress a few things to conclude. This does have THC and I would not recommend use of this if you will be drug tested. Please always drink responsibly and never drink and drive. We love to have fun here at Tailgating Challenge, but we want to have good SAFE fun and encourage the same for each of you.

Learn more and get your own CBeerD by visiting their WEBSITE

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We never get paid to give a review. That is a conflict of interest and we want to always be able to speak the truth. We were supplied a few samples to test out with the understanding of getting our honest reviews.

Written By: Luke Lorick 10/15/20

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