Chaheati Heated Chair Review

Let’s face it, most people tailgate in the fall. College football and NFL football bring the tailgaters out and the cooler temperatures feel great, but as we get into winter people aren’t as excited to go out and be in the cold,because they are human! Humans don’t like to be cold. I understand and appreciate that and at the same time I want everyone to tailgate year round. The world is a better place if people are tailgating and having fun. So aside from putting on another layer, how else can people stay warm at the tailgate….Chaheati Heated Chair. 

I’ve shown off multiple chairs that have built in fans for those hot summers days, but now it’s time for a chair that can warm your butt up when its cold outside. The Chaheati chair can do this just that. They sent me one of their new Mossy Oak MAXX heated chairs to see how it would do for the winter tailgaters.

The Chaheati chair is an over-sized, collapsible chair that looks like a regular tailgating chair until you push the button on the bottom right of the chair. Hold the button down for a couple of seconds and it will light up red. After a few minutes you can actually feel the heat coming from the bottom of the chair. The Chaheati chair is unique in its heating element as it uses a woven heating technology instead of coils. I fired this up and, without telling my wife, I asked her to sit in the chair (she is very cold natured), she lit up and stated this is the best product you’ve ever gotten after feeling the heat come out of the chair.

The Chaheati chair is powered by a lithium rechargable battery that provides hours of heat (up to 6) and it can charge up your phone too!  The chair weighs 12lbs and comes with a carrying case as well. There are a few different color styles you can choose from.  The Chaheati chair has 3 different settings High (red), medium (white) and low (blue). I prefer to keep it on the all out red mode, myself.

PROS: provides good heat for hours, charges for your phone, oversized

CONS: No storage pockets, no team logos to pick from…maybe some heated arm rests in the future could be a thing.

Overall, if you plan to tailate, hunt, or just be outside this winter, then a Chaheati heated chair could make your time spent outside more enjoyable.

Warm up this winter and get your Chaheati Chair HERE

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