CHECHIL Beer Snack Review

You crack open an ice cold beer and as you sip your favorite brew it dawns on you: I need a snack. Cheese is an awesome snack for any kind of adult drinking, but the team at CHECHIL has brought out a string cheese to be your beers best friend.

We got our hands on some CHECHIL to see if their cheese is really a beers best friend. We got in a pound of CHECHIL cheese, that comes in two individually wrapped packages. When we first opened up the box, they arrived in, we could smell the smoked aroma coming from this unopened snack. The CHECHIL snack looks totally unique to any other cheese that you’ve had before. It is braided and tied in a ball at the end. There are longer string cheese pieces that you are able to pull off to then enjoy as you sip the beer of your choice.

CHECHIL is a totally different type of cheese. Let’s look at some background on CHECHIL:

-Originally formulated in Armenia and eaten in many parts of the world.

-New to the USA

-Smoked, Braided, Salty, String Cheese

-All-Natural product made with ‘pasta-filata’ type of cheese from pasteurized cow milk

-Eat within 3 months for ultimate freshness

We went down to one of our local breweries (High Hops) to grab a six pack of IPA and then it was time to introduce the beer to the CHECHIL to see how well they pair. We opened up the package and the smoked aroma quickly invaded the room. We started to unbraid the numerous string cheese pieces and allowed them to ‘dry’ to get a crunchier beef jerky like mouthfeel (they recommend to leave out for about an hour to reach this perfect state). I pulled a piece of CHECHIL off and started to chew. It is very chewy and there are hints of mozzarella and hickory smoked flavor that come together as you chew the CHECHIL. Taking a few sips of beer while you are chewing the CHECHIL mellows out the smoked flavor.

I’m not a huge smoked flavor fan and smoked meats are not my first choice, but if you are then this cheese is for you. Even though smoked flavor is not at the top of my list I did find myself continuing to snack on the CHECHIL that we had left out, while we were sipping on some beers. I wish they also had a non-smoked flavor of CHECHIL, as I know that would resonate better for me personally.

If you love beer, smoked flavor and cheese then CHECHIL is a snack that you need to check out the next time your beer says it needs a friend:)

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CHECHIL sent us a sample of their cheese, but no monetary consideration was given for this review.

Written by: Luke Lorick 4/19/20

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