Clubs of America Beer Delivery Review

Those that have followed me know that I appreciate a good craft beer. My frustration always lies in the fact that I see awesome craft beer pics online, but then learn I can’t get them in my regional area! Sure there are still plenty of craft beers and breweries that I need to get to in Texas, but come on, I’m a human too and sometimes want what I can’t have. I can appreciate the service that Clubs of America provides as they team team with breweries from all over the USA and send new beers to your front door to try.

The concept is one that you may have heard before, craft beers delivered to your doorstep. With the Clubs of America service you can get this as a monthly subscription, or give the gift of beer to somone you love (if anyone needs my address let me know:)). You don’t have to pick out what beers or breweries, they surprise you each month. This is what I call going on the craft beer journey and I’m definately on board for the ride.

The pricing from Clubs of America is one of the most competitive I’ve seen (with this type of service). At the time of this review (6/10//18) a monthly subscription, shipped to your door is only $42.95.

Let’s talk about my user experience with the sample box they sent me to check out. It showed up on the door step and what was different was that I did not have to sign for it. In the past there had to be somone 21 or over to sign for the package upon delivery. Once I opened up the box it had the perfect packaging to help cradle each beer and ensure that it did not get damaged in transit. There were 12 total beers in the box, 3 of each of the 4 different kinds.

Speaking of the beers that showed up, they were from Carson’s Brewery out of Eansville Indiana and Mt. Carmel Brewery from Cincinnati Ohio.

From Carson’s Brewery there was a Red IPA that is also known as the RIPA and the Red Dawn Amber Wheat Ale. Both of these, no surprise, have more red in the coloring of the brew and both were more bitter than smooth. Of these the Red Dawn was my favorite.

From Mt. Carmel brewery was the Coffee Brown Ale and the Hibiscus Blueberry Blonde Ale. These were totally night and day from one another. the Coffee Ale was a smoother stout style beer with mellow hints of coffee on the back end, while the Blueberry Blonde Ale was a blonde ale with a touch of blueberry to make it a nice refreshing brew.

My overall winner out of these four beers was the Hibiscus Blueberry Blonde Ale as it was a very unique beer with the Hibiscus and the nice refreshing flavor was awesome to taste after a hot day in Texas.

PROS: ships to your door, no signature required, get different beers that I couldn’t get in my area

CONS: there may be some styles of beers that you don’t care for included in your shipment

Overall, I love this service and wouldn’t mind having this show up every month at my door. I know I have a few friends who I should send this for as a present too.


Ready to get different craft beers sent to your door? Visit Clubs of America


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