Cold Shoulder Bag Review

Want to keep some food or drinks cold why tailgating or going hiking? Then a Cold Shoulder Bag is just what you need!

This bag has the functionality of a book bag,but also has a built in cooler section that keeps drinks cold.

We received our unit to review and and took a frozen water bottle and placed it in the cooler. In 13 hours we checked the bottle and it still was over 50% frozen. Not too bad from a backpack right?

The best part about this backpack is that it is actually comfortable to use! We have tried others that are great in keeping things cold, but just don’t feel right when on your back.

PROS: comfortable, keeps things cold, storage compartments.

CONS: more color selections would be nice, ability to customize with a team/company logo.

Overall, this will come in handy for us when we tailgate, but also in hiking, going to the beach and much more.


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